How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom

How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom

18th December 2018

Transforming your bathroom is a great way to feel excited about your house again, and it can be easier and cheaper than you think.   Most of us associate bathroom design with stress and expense, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Follow these straightforward tips and you can create a brand new designer bathroom, and what’s more, you can actually enjoy yourself!

To get the most from your bathroom design, make it distinctive.  If you’re planning to move on quickly, then, by all means, keep everything neutral, but if you’re going to be living in your new home for a few years, why not add some designer luxury to your bathroom, and allow it to reflect your personality?  If you give your bathroom a stylish and unique look, you’ll notice the sense of excitement and achievement you feel each time you see it.


Bathroom Style

Decide on the style of bathroom design you want.  If you have a traditional home with lots of character, this can be continued into your bathroom, with classic designs in keeping with the rest of your home.  Alternatively, you could choose a high-end design that creates a sense of opulence and luxury and makes your bathroom the most inviting space in your home.  There’s always the option of going for a chic, cutting edge, designer hotel look, which is stylish and desirable, and will always look classic, no matter what the latest trends are.  The most important thing to consider is whether your bathroom design is one that you’d be happy to keep for several years; after all, bathrooms are a space we all spend a lot of time in.


(Above)| Our latest Catalano and Burbidge display from our Boucher Road branch – start the design process with a little window shopping for inspiration.  

Clever Design Tricks

Fitting the design you want into the space you have can be difficult, particularly if you have a small bathroom, but there are lots of clever design tricks that you can use.  Corner sinks and small sinks are very popular, and a great way to save space.  You can even find smaller versions of designer and traditional baths, such as roll top baths which are perfect for a smaller space.  One way to overcome the problem is to create a wet room, which not only saves space but is also a chic, cutting-edge way to give your bathroom a high spec designer look.

Bathrooms are generally viewed as one of the more practical areas in a house. But just because this particular room is more about function doesn’t mean you can’t inject a bit of aesthetics. Should you feel the need to update this personal space, you may want to consider the following pointers.

Above | Adamsez Bath teamed with our Laura Ashley Langham suite, a dainty mix of contemporary and traditional. 


Like your living room, dining room, and your kitchen, the bathroom can benefit from a little revamp while still maintaining its practicality. With that said, here are some useful tips you might want to take note:

  • Think of how colour can improve the atmosphere in your bathroom. While white is a reliable option for the wall, it can also prove to be high maintenance should it become dirty. Experiment with welcoming and soothing shades, which, at the same time, don’t require too much cleaning. Cool blues and greens or bright yellows work especially well in this case.

  • Accessories are just as important when beautifying the bathroom. If you prefer to keep a minimalist colour palette to the walls and floors, add a pop of colour using whimsical shower curtains. Mirrors with decorative frames, as well as sleek shelves for organising all of your bath products, can also provide a touch of elegance.

  • If you are looking to upgrade fixtures like the sink and shower system, find ergonomic and durable designs to ensure long and constant usage. This enhancement idea may take a considerable financial investment on your part, but the price will certainly be worth it once these new fixtures are installed and you can enjoy the comforts of a good bath.

Once you have absorbed these helpful pieces of advice, you’ll definitely take great pleasure in designing or remodelling your bathroom and see it transform into a gorgeous and functional space.  Start with getting the right advice from our team.  

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